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The call comes at the exact moment when he doesn't want it to. He's finally feeling better. He almost feels safe. He had been picking up shifts at work again, visiting the kids. He had almost filled that hollow feeling with other things.

You have to see it, Gabriel says. He has nothing else to offer, because he can't even describe what he's looking at.  and Harvestman can't even get mad about it, because he knows how Gabriel feels. He can hear the hollowness in the man's voice. He feels it echo within himself.

"Is the world ending?" Harvestman asks. Gabriel can't answer that, but he already knows the answer.

He waits for Arashi to come home. He waits for the world to end.
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Gabriel wouldn't let him watch the tapes.

The nightmares continued, but they no longer held any power over him. They were everything he warned his husband about, everything he tried to keep deep inside, but they didn't matter so much anymore. He would wake enough to feel Arashi's presence, and they drifted away.  The memory of Arashi's hand sliding through the chains on his wrists was enough to banish them when they lingered, or when he found his thoughts wandering during the day. It was enough.

He felt better.

Gabriel wouldn't let him watch the tapes and no amount of arguing changed the former hunter's mind. "If you're in them, I'll put them aside," Gabriel said firmly. "You don't need to see the others, John, we've got this."

Gabriel hadn't said what was in those other tapes, but the increasingly haunted look in his eye told Harvestman enough.

"He won't let me watch them either," Charlie said, but when he looked at her she had already turned away, busying herself with the documents they had managed to grab. She didn't want to talk to him, or couldn't, and he didn't know what to do about it. He couldn't force her to have a relationship with him. He couldn't do anything. She was older now than he had been when he died.

He couldn't shake the dread that thought gave him, and tried not to think about it at all.

Harvestman has taken over the kitchen table with liqueurs and a few open books on cocktail mixes, and a notepad with some crossed out names.  His fingernails are sloppily painted purple, and he's tapping his phone and frowning. There are already several drinks made, lined up and waiting. Now all he needed was a test subject.
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The call comes minutes after his shift, as he was shuffling out of the bar, as if it was waiting for him. You have to see it, was all Gabriel would say, and although Harvestman put up the grump act, he wasn't against going. Gabe had been there for him all the times he didn't deserve it, and even though Harvestman was thoroughly done with Brisbane and everything the man put him through, Gabe was still going through the layers. He owed the Were that, at least.
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He asked before using the bar. It was on a day it closed early, well after when most people would have gone home. People were still too shaken to drink, but recovery, much as some couldn't yet believe existed, was on the way. Gabriel had asked to meet him and the timing of it surprised him; Harvestman had bet on the man being unwilling to speak to him for quite some time. He gave him a beer without being asked; Gabriel accepted it without a word.
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There's always a place to hide from the sun if you've got something to trade. There's no shame in life if you have to beg.

Short Version: Things to note about Harvestman

- He's short (5'5") and skinny (110 lb).
- He sports a noticeable (but not heavy) American Southern accent, hailing from Georgia.
- He frequently looks like he's been living on the streets, and smells like it too.
- He's a damned dead vampire.

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PB: Junichi Okada, actor/singer of Johnny's Entertainment. All lyrics found in this journal belong to their respective owners. Entries are locked after a certain period of time. Please respond to the How's My Driving post or PM me if you have concerns/questions/issues.
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 The next night came, just as Harvestman had been dreading it would. He went, with Arashi, to the predetermined spot, hoping they would be late. It was a fool's wish; Gabriel was always punctual. He was there, as he said he would be, armed only with computer equipment. With him was Montague, called Monty, named for the famed Catholic demonologist and nothing like him. Monty was young, with bright red hair and a nervous grin, carrying a bag laden with papers and books. That grin got more nervous when he saw Harvestman, but Harvestman ignored it. What Monty saw happen between him and Brisbane was public knowledge now. He had no leg to stand on if he bothered to get mad about Monty telling.

Then there was Charlie. Dallas, her codename was; baby Hunters always got city names to start with, and could choose their own when licensed. He'd braced himself at seeing her and it hit him deep in the gut regardless. He'd been wrong in thinking she had little of her mother in her. She had Lily's height and grace, and there were traces of her everywhere; the curve of her jaw, the shape of her nose. Her eyes were a light hazel, a mix of his brown and Lily's blue, and they refused to look at him. Harvestman returns the favor. Henry's blood he never saw coming; hers he could smell the second he saw her.

"Well," Gabriel says, smile tight. "Let's get this over with."
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"This is Harvestman's phone. If it's important, leave a message. If it ain't, stop fucking calling me."

Texts, calls, pictures of lolcats in IC communication attempts may be posted here. Occasionally Harvestman will change his message depending on how much he hates everything at the moment THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING.
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Better to stick this up sooner rather than later. Hey, cats, it's your regular How's My Driving post. Since Harvestman is an OC, feel free to take up issues with things like aspects of his character, vampire things, portrayal, etc. I am neither male, Southern, Asian American, bisexual, or a vampire, and if you feel that I'm Doing It Wrong, I'd dearly like to know so I can improve.

Anon's on, IP tracking is off, it's all good. Edit: Ahaha it should be off now, sorry.
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He can't continue putting it off. Even with the reduced impulse to make fiscally irresponsible decisions, not working was making that strain more prominent every day. Arashi's return gave him excuses to put it off, but that only worked so far. And Brody wasn't working. Brody hadn't been working for a long time now. He didn't even see the young vampire go out anymore. They still had a conversations, he still sounded the same, but when they weren't talking, it was as if Brody had gone... distant. Not frighteningly so, like Harvestman himself sometimes did, just not really there.

It was better, he reasons, than being suicidal.

None of this made him any more eager to do it. If he could contrive a way to put it off any more - or a way to make next month's due rent to vanish - he would. Short of asking Arashi for handouts. He was determined to never ask Arashi for handouts, despite them long passing the period where the risk of the older vampire being used had been real.

It's still Arashi he goes to first, if only to find a way out of doing it. Or at least a way out of going alone.
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Harvestman waits just outside of the usual door for Arashi, fiddling with a chewed-up cigarette. He'd spent a frustrating hour trying to get a hold of Brody before remembering the lost cellphone. He wasn't about to call Lucas, not when the man insisted Brody was all right.

That left him with all the free time in the world to check a few other things off his list.

He's got a suspiciously full backpack over one shoulder, and keeps checking the time on his phone.
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