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harvester of man
In a Perfect World, This Wouldn't Make Me Sick

Harvestmen are found in fields, yards, gardens, and parks, and alongside buildings. They are omnivorous, hunting much smaller animals.

Their vision (which seems to be poor) and breathing apparatus are very different from those of spiders, and they also have all their body segments fused, instead of two parts. Their long legs are their most obvious feature, thin stilts carrying an oval body around. Unlike insects, they have no antennae, so their second pair of legs--threadlike and longer than the others--acts as a set of feelers.

The well-circulated story that they possess powerful venom is false. Not only do they lack venom, they lack fangs altogether. While they have eight legs and look somewhat spidery, they differ from spiders in several important ways: no fangs, no venom, no silk glands.

Often a harvestman is found without all eight of its legs, as they sometimes break off when a predator attacks. Nerves in the jointed limbs cause them to twitch after breaking off, probably helping to distract the attacker. Harvestmen can be found just about anywhere.

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Disclaimer: Original character role-playing account for pretendy-fungames. PB is Junichi Okada.
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