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There's always a place to hide from the sun if you've got something to trade. There's no shame in life if you have to beg.

Short Version: Things to note about Harvestman

- He's short (5'5") and skinny (110 lb).
- He sports a noticeable (but not heavy) American Southern accent, hailing from Georgia.
- He frequently looks like he's been living on the streets, and smells like it too.
- He's a damned dead vampire.


Name: John M. Sugihara
Alias: Harvestman, Weasel
Ethnicity: Japanese (third generation)
Nationality: American
Physical Age: 26
Chronological Age: 48
Type: Vampire



As a vampire, Harvestman shares the same traits other vampires of his world do. He must consume human blood to maintain his body and full strength, and although he can drink animal blood it doesn't benefit him nearly as much. He doesn't need to kill his victims to drink his fill, needing about a pint of blood daily if getting it directly from the source (through biting/bleeding/etc), about three pints a day if drinking it indirectly, such as blood donated through the blood bank system. Though artificial blood does not exist in his world, he can also sustain himself on that as well.

Though he cannot sustain himself with non-human blood (such as blood from a Were, or otherwise), he can drink it; it is not, however, very appealing to him. The only other thing he can drink is water; anything else is automatically rejected by his body and makes him violently sick until it's expelled.

Harvestman's bite has a euphoric, orgasmic effect on the victim resulting from contact with his saliva, which also has congealment properties to ensure the blood clots and the wound heals without leaving a mark. However, it is also highly addictive process, and each bite gets the victim more and more addicted to the sensation it produces. In his world, this is how vampires ensure they have a willing foodsource that will come back for more.

It also has an effect on the vampire; because Turning is a harsh process that takes a long time to complete, ravaging the human body in the process, the vampire will in turn become addicted to the victim's blood. There can be a deal of emotional attachment induced by this process on the behalf of both participants, although how it manifests (from falling in love to viewing the victim as a favored pet) depends on who it involves. Harvestman has yet to bite anyone enough times to experience this process.

Feeding and sex are intimately connected to Harvestman; sex and sexual appeal is how his kind attracts their victims, and both actions produce a similar feeling for the vampire. Because of this, Harvestman is an extremely sexual being, motivated to having sexual encounters to satisfy his hunger even if he does not bite the victim. He frequently uses sex to suppress the urge to bite someone - a substitution technique - but he has difficulty having more than one sexual encounter with a single person; each encounter leads to the stronger instinct to feed on the individual. Because of this, Harvestman usually sticks to one night stands, although he does have a history of engaging in sex work and complicated relationships with certain people.


He is stronger than the average human, able to bend steel and easily break through other objects, but unable to, say, lift a car over his head. His small stature and size, at 5'5" and weighing only 110 pounds, is hindering his strength and power, leaving him stronger than a human being but weaker than some other vampires. He's faster in reflex and speed, able to move faster than the eye can follow in short periods of time (lasting no longer than a minute). He can run to around 45 MPH for a longer amount of time, depending on how much human blood he's had and what shape he's in, but he couldn't keep up that speed for more than an hour at the most.

Harvestman is extremely flexible, moreso than by human standards. He can twist and bend joints beyond human capability in order to fit into small spaces or twist his body to move like a spider. Mostly he uses this to find places to spend his days, although sometimes he twists his neck around like an owl for kicks. He has no heartbeat and his skin is often cold to the touch, though he can warm up through contact with other people or other sources of heat, and he generally prefers being warm. Sometimes he moves a little inhumanly, too fluidly or animal-like when he isn’t focusing on it.

Harvestman has sharper eyesight and a sharper sense of smell than most humans. This is mostly a drawback to him – bright screens and lights hurt his eyes and give him a headache, and he often smells like the alleyways he can be found in, but it helps him detect things that he might normally miss.

Harvestman has the ability to detect injury or sickness in others through touch. This primarily allows him to weed out the sick or critically ill from his potential food sources. It also allows him to tell whose human and who’s not, something that isn’t also apparent despite his advanced senses. He can detect other things as well, such as drugs in the bloodstream.

He can keep his teeth human-looking, or when he’s ready to feed he forms them into a row of sharp teeth, all of them pointed and leaving a rather larger wound on his victim than other kinds of vampires. The formation of these teeth makes a physical sound similar to bones grinding against each other. He frequently keeps his teeth normal except to feed, because it’s difficult for him to talk otherwise.

His eyes are another big factor in his vampirism. When hungry or agitated emotionally, his eyes burn bright red. When well fed and calm, Harvestman’s eyes are their normal brown.

Harvestman does not have to breathe, but he does anyway to appear human and talk. Breathing is relatively easy to control and for the most part he does not stop breathing unless he has to, or unless he is sleeping.


For any old wood to work when it comes to killing, it has to have been blessed (by what religion doesn't matter as much, just as long as it has gone through a treatment where it can be considered a holy weapon based on the fact that the undead are not acceptable in the land of the living). Outside of a blessing, rowan (mountain ash) could do the trick by itself if used precisely on the heart.

Being stabbed through the heart by anything, wood or not, really goddamn hurts and is paralyzing until the article is removed.

Like many other vampires, sunlight is deadly to Harvestman. Prolonged exposure will leave him the shriveled corpse that he actually is; depending on the degree of exposure, death could take a few minutes or an hour. Other methods include removing of the head and burning the body to ash, holy water and other blessed articles that could be used as weaponry as long as the heart is completely destroyed. The Hunters have bullets encasing holy water and recently developed, spell-formed 'sunlight bursts' that can make vampires explode, it is fun.

Harvestman is extremely terrified of fire, so much so that a small spark of it is enough to make him twitch, being threatened by it is utterly paralyzing. The fear of fire keeps him from smoking, although he used to do that often, and he keeps cigarettes on hand and plays with them as if he's smoking without actually lighting them.

A notable weakness would be his vampire self, i.e. self control. Harvestman tries very hard not to hurt people, especially his sexual partners and people he feels 'don't deserve it'. However, it's hard for him to control himself when it comes to the desire to eat someone, especially if he's already bitten them once. He deals with this problem by simply running away from it, skipping town to avoid the temptation. Although he does can have longer lasting sexual relationships, it's increasingly difficult for him to maintain control.

Sleep is another thing that can have an effect on him; Harvestman can even dream while he sleeps, although his dreams are made up of his memories and he does not breathe when truly sleeping. Lack of sleep, either from being unable to deal with his dreams or having to stay awake in the daytime can wear him down. He’s frequently exhausted, mostly because it’s difficult to find a place to sleep where he feels truly safe in and does not get much rest. This wears down on his self-control issues as well as his ability to function; he’s much more likely to flip out and try to eat someone if he hasn’t slept enough.


Unshaven and scruffy, Harvestman's hygiene is not the best. His clothes are frequently dirty and slept in, he smells of garbage and old blood from time to time. He often keeps up the homeless appearance, wearing used and worn clothing. He's often on the move, keeping a limited supply of personal items in a dufflebag. Sometimes he showers. Usually it's because he wants to get laid.

Harvestman is short, standing at 5'5", and he's thin, his muscles lean and limber. The Turning process is very hard in Harvestman's world and it left him nearly starved; vampirism helped him adjust, but he still weighs only 110 lbs and he always looks like he needs to eat a goddamn sandwich.

Universe Info

Harvestman's world is your typical supernatural elements with the majority of the population being unaware of it; however, there's also an organized set of structures and laws (mostly referred to as treaties) to deal with them. A major result of said treaties, made with governments and major world religions from groups ranging from vampires to Weres to faerie, is the organization of Hunters. Formulated long ago, these treaties are maintained by most of the supernatural groups and the world governments willing and capable of supporting them.

One of the main points of Harvestman’s world is that, by agreement, the supernatural remains hidden from everything ‘normal.’ Sometimes this means active suppression by governments of public knowledge of it, and the usage of magical users and political manipulation to avoid anyone revealing the truth. Most of those who are supernatural have an investment in keeping themselves a secret, not just because of the law but because of the benefits they get being able to seamlessly interact with the normal world for the most part. Those who are ‘normal’ have a limited list of who knows and who doesn’t – higher ups in the government, some clergy in religions (not necessarily all clergy), and those involved in Hunting in one way or another. This has its drawbacks – victims of supernatural attacks frequently can’t see them coming until it’s too late, strict control over all knowledge is not exactly possible – but it’s a balance that has worked out so far.

In terms of basic rules for the treaties (they vary in detail depending on the type of supernatural), there are three important elements: the supernatural are to be kept a secret, normal human beings are not to be harmed, and those that are considered a threat forfeit their rights and are subject to being Hunted.

In terms of the ‘normal’ world, it is pretty much the same as real life. Barack Obama is president, and while there are a few more conspiracy boards and tabloids screaming about vampires and werewolves, the average person thinks of the blatant supernatural as simply fiction. Suppression of public knowledge manifests in outright magical manipulation to arresting and jailing those who would endanger the secret. The supernatural element is kept in line with a system of groups that is collectively referred to as the Hunters. Hunters - funded and sponsored by secret societies, religious organizations, government agencies or free agents - attempt to protect the human population from the hostile and violent portions of 'monsters'. So far, the Hunters are winning.

Personal History

Most of the intimate details of Harvestman's life before he was turned is left undiscussed, as are the circumstances of his introduction to the otherly world. There are bits and pieces thrown out here and there; mention of his military service, of his father, of being a high school drop-out, or of Georgia where he was born and raised. The one who turned him is simply referred to as the Bitch, and sometimes even 'the Bitch who is dead.' He has a daughter he doesn't talk about and a past that frequently comes back to bite him in the ass.

To most in his world, he's always been there, lurking in the background and on the streets, useful at times and useless the rest. Despite his reputation, Harvestman the weasel keeps his head down enough to not be worth the trouble of getting rid of, and just useful enough to keep going. The Nexus finds him very much the same with a great deal more grumpiness, but hell, the blood's free and there's always a fangbanger to be found.

It's a precarious lifestyle. Harvestman's gone through periods were he's survived on rats (it didn't work out too well, but he lived), sold both his skills and his body. He's been chased out of town by both his fellow monsters and the hunters he sucks up to. Once he came too close to picking sides. He was nailed to the ground and set on fire for it, and learned never again to make that mistake. Don't get noticed. Don't get too dirty.


Harvestman lies as much as he tells the truth, and sometimes those lies are to himself as much as they are about himself. Sex in either gender interests him almost as much as blood does, but he prefers it to be either interesting, challenging, or both. He is first and foremost a predator; anyone can be food, and even if they forget that, he doesn't. Harvestman is neither a particularly nice person nor a particularly cruel person, he is not a hero or a villain.

John Sugihara was a good person, if a bit rough around the edges. He had a lot of friends and could always be counted on when needed. He was never really ambitious, but he always had plans. He made a lot of mistakes, but he always tried to be the son his father could be proud of.

John Sugihara is dead.

Only the harvestman remains.


Harvestman will and frequently does troll around for sex; he seeks to use most of his partners to satisfy his needs and doesn't give much of a damn about them otherwise. His particular kind of vampire use sex and sexual attraction as bait for their victims; because of this Harvestman is almost a constant sexual being, always sizing people up on whether or not he can sleep with them and how good they'd taste. Feeding and sex are intertwined with him. For Harvestman sex is always about eating the other person, and this is true whether or not he actually tastes their blood or how much he cares about them. It's true even if they're not entirely human and therefore not 'tasty' to him; it's just how his sexuality works.

His bite is very addictive and even one should leave a few lingering affects on the victim; he frequently doesn't warn people about it unless he likes them. He avoids having sex with most people, especially humans, more than once. He's a user as much as he gets used; he makes sure his sexual partners are satisfied and he doesn't hurt them (unless they ask for it), but once he gets what he wants, he leaves.

PB: Junichi Okada, actor/singer of Johnny's Entertainment. All lyrics found in this journal belong to their respective owners. Entries are locked after a certain period of time. Please respond to the How's My Driving post or PM me if you have concerns/questions/issues.
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