Aug. 23rd, 2013

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 The next night came, just as Harvestman had been dreading it would. He went, with Arashi, to the predetermined spot, hoping they would be late. It was a fool's wish; Gabriel was always punctual. He was there, as he said he would be, armed only with computer equipment. With him was Montague, called Monty, named for the famed Catholic demonologist and nothing like him. Monty was young, with bright red hair and a nervous grin, carrying a bag laden with papers and books. That grin got more nervous when he saw Harvestman, but Harvestman ignored it. What Monty saw happen between him and Brisbane was public knowledge now. He had no leg to stand on if he bothered to get mad about Monty telling.

Then there was Charlie. Dallas, her codename was; baby Hunters always got city names to start with, and could choose their own when licensed. He'd braced himself at seeing her and it hit him deep in the gut regardless. He'd been wrong in thinking she had little of her mother in her. She had Lily's height and grace, and there were traces of her everywhere; the curve of her jaw, the shape of her nose. Her eyes were a light hazel, a mix of his brown and Lily's blue, and they refused to look at him. Harvestman returns the favor. Henry's blood he never saw coming; hers he could smell the second he saw her.

"Well," Gabriel says, smile tight. "Let's get this over with."


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