Aug. 27th, 2012

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He can't continue putting it off. Even with the reduced impulse to make fiscally irresponsible decisions, not working was making that strain more prominent every day. Arashi's return gave him excuses to put it off, but that only worked so far. And Brody wasn't working. Brody hadn't been working for a long time now. He didn't even see the young vampire go out anymore. They still had a conversations, he still sounded the same, but when they weren't talking, it was as if Brody had gone... distant. Not frighteningly so, like Harvestman himself sometimes did, just not really there.

It was better, he reasons, than being suicidal.

None of this made him any more eager to do it. If he could contrive a way to put it off any more - or a way to make next month's due rent to vanish - he would. Short of asking Arashi for handouts. He was determined to never ask Arashi for handouts, despite them long passing the period where the risk of the older vampire being used had been real.

It's still Arashi he goes to first, if only to find a way out of doing it. Or at least a way out of going alone.


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